iTunes App Store Features & Tips (2019)

iOS is one of the most popular and used operating system in the world right now. It was primarily developed for Apple’s products. This operating system comes with several features that made it so much popular among masses. iOS offers best security to its users along with best entertainment through different apps. iTunes is one of those entertainment app.


iTunes was developed by Apple in 2001. It is a music streaming service that lets you listen music and watch videos. The app has several other features that make it most loved iOS app among users. You can not only stream music but you can play, download, or even organize your downloaded songs in nice manner.

If you love listening music then this app definitely deserves a try. You will not only listen to your favorite music but you will also get several other interesting features. These features will enhance your experience of listening music. The app offers a lot of features to its users but there are many users who don’t know about all these. In this article, we will try to introduce you to some unknown yet useful iTunes features. We will also try to give you some tips to use your iTunes app in such a way that you get the most out of it.

Apple iTunes Store Features, Tips & Methods

1) EQ settings

Your devices are not made to generate awesome sound. If you use iTunes for listening music then you can increase the quality of the music by using EQ settings. EQ means equalizer, it is a type of small settings that you can make through iTunes to enhance your music experience.

If you like music with higher bass then you can change your EQ setting to that. Similarly, if you like some other type of music then you can also change the setting to match that type of music. There are several options to choose from.

You can open EQ settings easily. First Open iTunes app and then tap on the “equalizer” which you can see from “view” menu of your toolbar. There you will see a row of several different frequencies. You can adjust sound as your wish or if you want to set pre-set frequency then you can do that by selecting drop down menu.

2) Sharing feature

An app can not become successful, if it doesn’t have share feature. It is one of the most important reason of product’s success. It works just like  word of mouth works in movies. If a product is very good and if you like it, you tend to share it with your friends. Similarly, if an app is good then you will share it with your friends and your friends will share it to their friends. The cycle goes on and product becomes successful.

iTunes is one of those apps which paid attention to this little thing and made itself most loved app. You can create playlists of your favorite music on iTunes and share it with your friends. You can also browse playlist of your friends easily from the app. You can connect with your friends through social media platforms on iTunes. You can not only browse the playlist of your friends but you can also download the songs you like.

3) Compatibility

The app is compatible with most of the devices. No matter if you are using an Apple, Android, or Windows device. You will be able to use iTunes on those devices. You can not only app on different platforms but you can also sync it with your other devices.

4) Parental lock

iTunes app comes with a feature that will help you in disabling podcasts, radios. There is not a fixed method to determine what your kid is playing on his/her device but iTunes has a parental control that can help in putting  limit to his/her access.

5) Special Tip

If you are using iTunes then I think you are loving it. This media player offers several awesome features to its users. These features are regularly updated in the updates. You should keep your up to date. Whenever a new update arrives, you should update your app right then. You can also check Free Itunes Gift Cards & Codes Generator tool to get free itunes gift cards to download unlimited and free downloads.

If you regularly update your app then you will receive all the latest features from the developers. These updates do not include only latest features but you will also receive bug fixes and several other good things. So, it is very important to update your iTunes app regularly for its smooth functioning.